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Sheldon the tiny dinosaur who thinks he's a turtle

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Survey time

Just a question to all Sheldon fans out there; If I were to make a book of Sheldon, would you prefer:

A : A series of sheldon images in the style that I have done them all this time, but they would flow into each other to form a narrated insight into Sheldon’s day to day activites, but would not be a chronological story. Rather, each one would just be an example or insight into whatever the narrating text was talking about.


B : A traditional chronologically flowing story with some sort of problem to overcome as the ultimate resolution. This would again be some sort of day to day insight, but would form an actual standard book narrative of opening -> problem -> resolution

Let me know in the comments! The more feedback the better! You wouldn’t let Sheldon down right?

If you’re playing Archeage on the Kyrios server you might see my ship with Admiral Sheldon on the sail!
Literally as soon as I learned you could have custom crests for your ship I had to draw something up Sheldon related.
It’s hot
"I really love your little Sheldon cartoons, so I really wanted to make a tiny Sheldon figure." - sherlock-clever-boy
Very cute! Thank you! As a side note, I’m working on a large project so I apologize for the lack of Sheldon lately.
Saw Desolation of Smaug last night and well, obviously this had to follow.
I’ll have proper comic up soon but I’ve been playing too much Super Mario 3D World so have some powered up Sheldon doodles I scribbled.
But how many would it take to carry him?
He really gets sucked in by the 3D.