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Sheldon the tiny dinosaur who thinks he's a turtle

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Bread Box
sketches from a loaf
Jotun is a game you should totally check out on Kickstarter because it looks wonderful. It still hasn’t quite met it’s fund raising goal and there’s less than a week to go so I thought I’d draw some fanart to maybe raise some awareness! Kind of a rush job, but oh well.
So go check it out and donate if you like what you see!
Commissioned piece for lunartome of her Pokemon trainer and Spritzee~
It’s hot
Decided to make the Mario Kart 8 tournament daily so there’s more opportunities for people to play! But also a shorter time frame so it’ll be more likely people can get in populated groups.
New Time is Daily: 6pm - 7pm CST
Thank you to everyone who participated today!

Player Ramiel makes a saving roll!

Just doodling some dumb NGE things
"I really love your little Sheldon cartoons, so I really wanted to make a tiny Sheldon figure." - sherlock-clever-boy
Very cute! Thank you! As a side note, I’m working on a large project so I apologize for the lack of Sheldon lately.

Sheldon Product Survey


So I’d love to have some more Sheldon merchandise made but, I want to find out what people actually want and importantly, would actually buy. Some of these things can be expensive to make so please be honest as to whether you would be willing to spend your own money or not.

Thank you!

(I will be reblogging this throughout the next few days to get as much feedback as possible so I apologize in advance >w<)