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Sheldon the tiny dinosaur who thinks he's a turtle

all art posted here is mine unless otherwise noted

Bread Box
sketches from a loaf
Another commission from lunartome! Spritzee’s gone and evolved into a bigger puffball
Jotun is a game you should totally check out on Kickstarter because it looks wonderful. It still hasn’t quite met it’s fund raising goal and there’s less than a week to go so I thought I’d draw some fanart to maybe raise some awareness! Kind of a rush job, but oh well.
So go check it out and donate if you like what you see!
Commissioned piece for lunartome of her Pokemon trainer and Spritzee~
It’s hot
Decided to make the Mario Kart 8 tournament daily so there’s more opportunities for people to play! But also a shorter time frame so it’ll be more likely people can get in populated groups.
New Time is Daily: 6pm - 7pm CST
Thank you to everyone who participated today!

Player Ramiel makes a saving roll!

Just doodling some dumb NGE things
"I really love your little Sheldon cartoons, so I really wanted to make a tiny Sheldon figure." - sherlock-clever-boy
Very cute! Thank you! As a side note, I’m working on a large project so I apologize for the lack of Sheldon lately.