Waffles and Other Doodles


Welcome! This is my art blog where I post all kinds of stuff that I make. I am also the creator of Sheldon, the tiny dinosaur who thinks he's a turtle, if you'd like to only see posts related to him, click the Sheldon button in my sidebar, or follow the tag 'Sheldino'!

Okay we all know Sheldon’s a funny name [x]

Quick little thing I somehow never thought to do before.

Player Ramiel makes a saving roll!

Just doodling some dumb NGE things

"I really love your little Sheldon cartoons, so I really wanted to make a tiny Sheldon figure." - sherlock-clever-boy

Very cute! Thank you! As a side note, I’m working on a large project so I apologize for the lack of Sheldon lately.

Sheldon Product Survey


So I’d love to have some more Sheldon merchandise made but, I want to find out what people actually want and importantly, would actually buy. Some of these things can be expensive to make so please be honest as to whether you would be willing to spend your own money or not.

Thank you!

(I will be reblogging this throughout the next few days to get as much feedback as possible so I apologize in advance >w<)

so guess whose dog died. doodlin her to help

Was commissioned to sketch this up for someone’s sidebar, hence why this public version has a big ol’ watermark. Please do not remove. >w<

get your head in the game Smaug

Saw Desolation of Smaug last night and well, obviously this had to follow.

I’ll have proper comic up soon but I’ve been playing too much Super Mario 3D World so have some powered up Sheldon doodles I scribbled.